Lauren Moffatt Spring 2011 | October 22, 2010

Spotted Lauren Moffatt's Spring 2011 collection titled "The Honeymooner" on Oh Joy! and instantly fell in love!   

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  1. This collection is so girly and fun! I am loving the white dress with the blue accents in the middle.
  2. Octavia & Brown- that's my personal fave too! :)
  3. the whole collection was AMAZING! i posted them as well and loved the seafoam cape number as well! a little bit brady bunch and i love it!
  4. Love it! So whimsical.
  5. I fell in love too !
  6. what an adorable collection. the first dress and the fifth dress are my favorites.
  7. I would absolutely love the bottom middle dress. swoooon!
  8. So much love for this collection!
  9. love this stylist....but most of all i adore this blog, so cute, lovely...really thank u
  10. I can't wait! I will teh summer back!
    Nice collection! The green one is my favorite!

    Best c*
  11. So adorable!
  12. What a gorgeous collection! Love the middle bottom and the green at top. Just need to get me some of those legs! :)
  13. Sophia | Oct 28, 2010
    I absolutely adore the blue pastel dress. I love the shape, and the colour is just beautiful.
  14. wow!! this collection is totaly gorgeous. I love the little butterfly handbag too
  15. these clothes are sooo cute. i love the middle on the bottom :)
  16. that middle dress is in the bottom row is beautiful! i love the simplicity and innocence of it.
  17. Love the ingenuous style and colours! Candid elegance <3 <3 My prefered? blue and raw ones. And blue/flowers too!
  18. Oh my goodness, can these get any more amazing? I want them all.
  19. your Gifted with talent Now you are proving that.
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