LetterboxCo. | August 23, 2010

LetterboxCo. An online concept store with some great bits n' pieces.

posted under: Gift Ideas, Home Décor, Stationery, Typography


  1. eye candy - thanks!
  2. Oooh, I love this all! Those tags are especially appealing.
  3. How cute - those safety pin holders are great!
  4. I saw this over on we love indie and had to come check it out! a place devoted to typography?? it's my dream shop!! i just love everything in your collage - gotta check this store out :)
  5. Fantastic find! I love those #2 bottles...
  6. i am really digging the number trend right now. anthro has some great pieces like this. target has some cool canisters, also. i'm going to need to snag a few after we settle in from our move next week!
  7. thanks for share this store. Today I visited thi store and it's cute.
    Have a good dayi
  8. I love the hang tags. Those could be used in so many lovely ways!
  9. I was just looking through your blog and I came across my online store!! what a nice surprise, thank-you all for your comments and thank-you for posting us on your fabulous blog!!
  10. love your office chic collection! clipboards, labels and stencils-- oh my!
  11. Very nice things - want them all!!
    Love your blog,
  12. love the post and love your blog! thank you for the inspiration. glad i stumbled over! :)
  13. Great stuff! Need to remember this store around Christmas for gifts and gift wrapping ideas. Thanks for sharing!
  14. So cute like always.
  15. so Great job good lovely design you are no1 in the field
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