Life Tastes Better with Sprinkles | March 28, 2013

For our Australia Day BBQ back in Jan, I put together this little Ice-Cream Sundae bar. (Yes, I am obsessed with Sundae bars.) It is now a permanent fixture in our home.

It may appear to be intended for small children but no, it, in fact, catered for full-grown adults. All of the objects I've used to style it are part of my own collection because, basically, I am a large child. This table design is totally a manifestion of my colourful, eclectic and exceedingly infantile mind. 

And yes, perhaps including a pic of Audrey Hepburn these days is a tad cliché, but I don't care, she's awesome. (It was a toss up between her and Audrey Tautou.)

Oh and, by the way, if you ever plan to use plastic amber bottle dispensers for your toppings, don't get anything too thick- it will be a massive fail :(

I'm so in love with my test tube rack of colourful sprinkles! (I've re-used some old Happy Lab tubes.)

Confetti sprinkles are the bomb.

Happy Easter/Passover weekend everybody! :)

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  1. I want such tubes! ;)
  2. This is amazing! I so want that!
  3. That green enamel mug is just beautiful! Where could I find something similar to that?
  4. The test tubes are cool!
  5. Alegre y colorido rincón de helados.
    ¡Me encanta tu blog!
    Saludos desde España
  6. The entire station for the sundae bar looks awesome. I agree that the test tube sprinkles are just too cute :)

    Happy Easter,
  7. That is amazing, I love your DIY sundae bar..!

    You have such a great eye for combining colour & product, from the hanging jars & the test tube candy, down to the adorable bicycle cushion & stacked books... I love it everything about these photos..!

  8. Yum! The candy test tubes are absolutely adorable! I especially love the rainbow colored ones-- so fun and eye-catching.
  9. Perfect picture, beautiful set of colours and textures !
  10. that is the coolest set up ever!
  11. Oh my how very cute this set up is! You're right, life does taste better with sprinkles. I saw some of those tubes in a gift kit by Martha Stewart. I'd love to try something like this too!
  12. This. Is. Awesome!
  13. Kayla | May 19, 2013
    I love your cart! Where did you get it?
  14. Hi all- thanks for the sweet comments! Sorry for the late response!

    Kayla- the table was found in a second hand store- it's actually not really a cart.

    Joanne- the green tin mug was purchased locally from 'In the Bag' on High St, Prahran. I don't know if they still have it. I believe they are originally from Ruby Star Traders but I'm not sure...
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