Looking forward to... | July 31, 2012

...our next shindig (whenever that may be), so I can show off my tumbler collection!..

... and stir up some Lemonade with orange blossom water. I fell in love with this beautiful drink after tasting it for the first time at Mama Ganoush (a lovely middle eastern restaurant in Windsor). I generally make it whenever we entertain- it's been popular with guests. Awesome with sparkling water, instead of still. Make sure to grab the recipe!

{ all images by Amy Moss } 

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  1. Those are some beautiful colours you have there! Gorgeous tumblers and perfect styling.
    Ronnie xo
  2. I love your tumblers. I have a motley assortment of glass ware myself and have been in the market for some pretty tumblers too. How lucky would I be to find some this pretty?
  3. LOVE your tumblers! I need to get some for summer so I can make iced tea and serve them in coloured tumblers!
  4. I love them! Perfect for entertaining. That's something I wish we did more often. I want to be "that" friend who hosts great get togethers!
  5. So jealous!
  6. I don't blame you - I'd want to show those beauties off as well!
  7. Beautiful tumblers! So pretty and unique!


  8. I'm thirsty!
    That looks so refreshing!
  9. Great pictures and nice tatoo.And wonderful theme!The pictures look yummy!Thanks for sharing!
  10. I ADORE orange blossom water but have never thought to add it to lemonade! I'm going to give this a go right away!
  11. Jackie | Aug 5, 2012
    Thanks for your blog! I LOVE it! I tried out the lemonade recipe and it was yummie yummie!
  12. Am loving the posts on here, how much effort has it taken you to make this blog, its really easy on the user and a credit to you.
  13. Love your gorgeous tumbler collection! Beautiful colours!! x
  14. i like this this beautiful drink!!! i want to have a taste too!!!
  15. The colors are so beautiful! I like the glass cups.
  16. I have a set of those little turquoise guys and I love them! It makes serving drinks so much more fun! :)

  17. Beautiful pictures!!
  18. I like these pictures and they are very beautiful.
  19. gabriella | Nov 16, 2012
    Love those tumblers. Where are they from?
  20. very beautiful blog site. I love your photos!
  21. i like this this beautiful drink!!! i want to have a taste too!!!
  22. Abi Funk | May 12, 2015
    Please tell me where I can find cups like those! I could really use some for my wedding!
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