Lou Rota Plates | October 26, 2010

Vintage love plates by Lou Rota available at Not on the High St

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  1. wow these are fabulous!
  2. L O V E indeed!
  3. Cute!! xoxo
  4. Oh my - I LOVE these! They are just fabulous. I'll take one of each please ;-)

  5. These are super. Just had a wonderful time reading over many past posts and am so glad i found your fabulous bog.
  6. Just found your blog via simplynattie and had to let you know that it's beautiful.

    Greetings from Belgium ;-)
  7. These are so darn cute! Love them
  8. i think these just made their way to the top of wish list.
  9. ahh these are amazing!
  10. love these plates! thanks for the discovery!
  11. i love these... great to put up on the wall!
  12. These are just adorable!!!! Love them!!!
  13. sarah mohsen | Nov 5, 2013
    very nice and very chic ,, love them

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