Love & Shoes | May 06, 2011

Cute greeting cards by Rubina.

posted under: Gift Ideas, Illustration, Stationery, Valentines Day, Weddings


  1. Really cute cards! I am going to chack out the link!
    Great blog!!
  2. Too cute! Check out my jewelry giveaway!
    Recipes Fahion Marriage
  3. Very sweet! Have a great weekend, Stephie x
  4. So sweet!!! Love the hipster love one. There's the real version all over google! :)

    Belly B
  5. These are adorable. What a cute idea!
  6. Oh these are just so cute, what a great idea :) I love the bottom one especially, it looks like they're having a little kiss.
  7. so so cute!
  8. AW! I want these! I adore the "wedding shoes" one! So adorable. Thanks for sharing, dear?
  9. These are so cute! A gorgeous post as always Amy, I am such a fan. Sasha xx
  10. Meredy | May 10, 2011
    I love these forever and a day!
  11. love me we spirit everyday
  12. that in unique shoes
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