Magpie's Cake | August 12, 2010

Oh boy! When I spotted these beautiful creations from Magpie's Cake on Simplesong, I was so smitten I felt they were definitely worth a mention here also! These are stunning!

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  1. Oh my! These photos just completely changed my mind about having a cake at my wedding (someday). They're stunning and so unique!
  2. What gorgeous cakes!
    Emma - THN
  3. Gorgeous, so simple, sweet and pretty. They make such a statement with the simplicity, and the nude hues are so perfect right now!
  4. they look so delicious...make me wanna touch the picture or eat :D
  5. Love love LOVE the texture on the first cake!!! It's just so light and elegant!
  6. these are soooo beautiful! i love the texture on the first cake too and the cookies are adorable! the fabulous cake artist in our area, andrea carusetta of sedona cake couture in arizona is making gorgeous cookies too.... it's definitely a hot trend!
  7. Ann | Aug 16, 2010
    The detail on these cakes is astounding!
  8. Oh these cakes are wonderful! we love them!
  9. OOhhhh, Ahhhhhh!
    I would like some cake now, please.

    It's so rare that when you want a real quality piece of cake that there is one readily available.
  10. That's it. I have just found the type of cake I'll have at my wedding. Thank you so much! They are just wonderful.
  11. I love the detail on the cakes and those cookies look too cute to eat! I love the vintage/retro colors too!
  12. Incredibly beautiful!
  13. These sweet treats are so beautiful!! That first cake is my fave!
  14. definitely the first one for me - beautiful!
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  16. Maria | Sep 6, 2010
    It's so cute! Really original idea for cake's presentation on table. I saw something similar, an original presentation for cupcakes here Really good ideas to make you cakes more creatives!
  17. valerie | May 5, 2011
    I just started reading your blog and I LOVE it!
    and I started going back to the articles and saw this post, a familiar cake design.
    Then I realized it's what my sis's wedding gonna be!
    and her cake taste amazing too!! (I tried at cake tasting)
  18. so Great job good lovely design you are no1 in the field
  19. I need to buy this cake for a birthday and can you please tell me how much will you charge for this? It will be a great help indeed!
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  23. So beautiful!
  24. So beautiful and gorgeous!
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