Make Believe Floral Necklaces | November 12, 2009

Love these bold, eye-catching floral necklaces from Make Believe.

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  1. Nice.. very nice...
  2. Yum what a beautiful find! I am a plain-top horder so those would be my best wardrobe friends. They look like they might be really heavy though. What do you reckon they're made from?
  3. Great pictures.
    Thanks for sharing :)

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  4. According to the site they're made from glossy resin. I spotted them in Fat4 in Melbourne- they look AMAZING in real life but I didn't try them on so can't tell you if they're heavy or not.
  5. that is seriously cool! I love
  6. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I could totally go for the whole look: nude bra and bold necklace.
    they are wonderful. the white one would also make a rad bridal
    jewelry piece.
  7. Oh my goodness. These are stunning. Thank you so much. They are a great gift idea!
  8. Nice to share Thanks for sharing
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