Manjar Cookies | August 03, 2011

Spotted these on Pinterest today- the cutest cookies you ever did see.

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  1. Oh wow! Absolutely adorable! And probably yummy... :P
  2. Looks awesome and delish!
  3. yesyesyes. those cookies are the cutest i ever did see...
  4. beatriz | Aug 4, 2011
    I Just Love It!
  5. Ha! Those are great! Love the camera with the flash. Don't think I would want to eat such works of art!
  6. I love this so cute great for a baby shower.
  7. they look tooooo cute!!! :D
  8. How perfectly perfect! My mind spins with fun party ideas using these delicious camera's!
  9. Soooo cool! I wanna have some Lomo- Cookies....
  10. These are so cute! They'd be perfect for a shower or birthday party!
  11. these are amazing! having worked with fondant myself i am in awe of these little works of art!
  12. These cookies are gorgeous .. but almost too much so. I don't think I could ruin them by eating them!
  13. Daphne | Aug 4, 2011
    these are honestly too cute to eat xD
  14. Oh my goodness, who would actually have the heart to EAT these? They're way too cute!
  15. so so cute
  16. Such a cute idea! I heart them!! However, I don't think I could eat them cause they're too adorable to crumble and gobble up!
  17. Manjar has been a name synonymous with artful ways of eating cookies. Delectable pastries shaped in different forms and veiled with vibrant, happy colors makes each treat more appealing.
  18. These are absolutely fabulous! ?


    Rocio R.
  19. Ebony | Aug 14, 2011
    These are seriously the most AWESOME cookies! I agree with everyone who's said they are way too cute to eat. <3
  20. Definitely way too cute to be eaten! Can I use them in my scrapbook LO? LOL They would definitely look good. LOL
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