Mar Y Sol | April 29, 2011

I want them all!  A colourful collection of bags from Mar Y Sol.

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  1. they look gorgeous! i especially love the second one!
  2. perfect for summer!
  3. oh yes, me too! mar y sol is perpetually on my wish list.
  4. These bags are adorable - I love the neutral top left flower and the little rosettes. Darling. Which one(s)! Did you get?
  5. Ohhh, the colours are delicious..!

    I saw the top right hand one a while ago & fell in love instantly. Simple styling, great materials & amazing colours - what's not to love..?!


  6. they are gorgeous :D
  7. Top two are so just perfect for summer! Now, which one do I choose.. hmm
  8. hello dear!

    these are so very beautiful! i want them all too..they look so splendid altogether. i love the top left and bottom right one...i want to take them to the wonderful beach!

  9. Hailey | May 3, 2011
    That full flower bag on the top left is adorable! So sweet and the colours it comes in are breathtaking!
    I may definitely need to get one. So sweet!
  10. I love the first bag! So cute! Perfect for the beach.
  11. oh cute summer bags!

    Enter a chance to win a pair of pretty lace earrings!!

  12. Me too! Stephie x
  13. Love the white purse!! Check out my jewelry giveaway!!
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  14. Plum Pretty Sugar | May 4, 2011
    Cute bags!! Just in time for summer!

  15. The summer is here with this bags
    beautiful colors!!
  16. These are so pretty. They all make me so happy:)
  17. those are so pretty and colorful. The one on the top right is my fave!
  18. I love top left and bottom left, makes me excited for summer!
  19. Beautiful and colorful handbags. Very original and the woven work is great.
  20. this is very awesome.
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