Mara Hoffman Resort 2014 | August 19, 2013

Completely in love with the stunning patterns and vibrant colours in Mara Hoffman's Resort 2014 collection. And those shoes!!

posted under: Fashion


  1. Wow - totally in love with the blue one piece!
  2. Bottom middle is my fave! Gorgeous color + print.
  3. Love the colors, and that beach towel.
  4. Lovely colors and prints!!!! i´m also addicted to this geometric shapes :)
  5. A little exotic swimwear for summer fun point increase
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  15. Wow ! Great ceativity and the post clarity is awesome.
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  17. Wauuu ,,, I don't like this swimwear
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  19. Wow is very exciting, the model is very compatible with what he wore
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  22. Wow - totally in love with the blue one piece!
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