Mavericks Laces | April 24, 2013

I don't often post about cool branding. Why is that? I love the stuff. 

Nor do I post very often about men's fashion. Although, technically, I suppose laces do have unisex appeal. 

I stumbled upon Mavericks Laces while looking up the design group responsible for the Melbourne Pub Group newsletters that I've been inexplicably receiving in my inbox recently and, despite not being a pub person at all, have not unsubscribed to because the newsletters are so dang pretty.

Anyway... I discovered that the talented designers behind them are Condensed and while browsing their lovely folio happened upon their branding for Mavericks Laces. Pretty branding to match some pretty products.

I also love how Mavericks has a page dedicated to different ways of tying your laces. Cute.

{ branding pics from Condensed website and all other pics from Mavericks Laces website }

posted under: Branding, Fashion, Gift Ideas, Melbourne Chic


  1. Very cute!
  2. Gorgeous laces! I really like 'the hash' style! And yay, the colours are just right-- love 'em!
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