Meet 'Sukie' | June 02, 2011

Meet Sukie- the new member of our family!  She's an 18 month old Mastiff cross that we adopted from an animal shelter about a week ago.

The minute we saw her, we instantly fell in love with her big, soulful eyes and knew she was the one for us!

She's timid, quiet and well-behaved but requires constant affection! If you stop patting her, even for a second, she gingerly nudges her nose into your face and stares at you longingly with those irresistable, woe-is-me, brown eyes. She's the first large dog I've met that actually enjoys a cuddle! She's seems far more intent on receiving affection than food.

We' don't know much about her past but we plan to make her future a happy one... and to spoil her rotten! 

She's already settled in quite nicely in our home. Above you can see her 'play' bed. If you remove any of her toys she will retrieve them and put them back in their place immediately!

{ all images by Amy Moss }

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  1. super cute! she will have a happy life for sure :)
  2. She has such a sweet face!! Cute photos.
  3. corinne | Jun 2, 2011
    :) what a beautiful dog she is !
    my aunt had a "sukie" who lived in Lucerne/Switzerland so you see she has family even on this side of the world ;)
    Bonne journee !
  4. what a cutie! argh... i want another dog sooooo bad!
  5. Oh she is gorgeous! i am dying to get a dog! x
  6. Calie | Jun 2, 2011
    What a doll! I would be such a pushover with those eyes.
  7. Oh my goodness she is absolutely gorgeous! beautiful eyes ! xx
  8. She's so adorable! ? Love the likes and dislikes ^^
  9. aww. I love her, she's so cute!
  10. she is so lovable!
  11. kristin | Jun 3, 2011
    She is so sweet and looks very content in her new home.
  12. Too cute! I'm a sucker for rescue dogs ever since we got our basset hound Lucy from a shelter.
  13. I love this post! She is absolutely adorable, I swear all the best dogs come from adoption! Love her name too! :)
  14. oh my gosh, what a cutie pie! welcome, sukie :)
  15. She's adorable! :)
  16. aw. sukie is so pretty. congrats!!
  17. Awwwwww She's so adorable!!!! And I'm sure she's so happy. Rescued dogs are always so thankful.

    - Sarah
  18. Lindsay | Jun 3, 2011
    What a love bug! Have soooo much fun. Pups are food for the soul!!! :)
  19. Lindsay | Jun 3, 2011
    P.S. Beautiful tribute to your girl! :)
  20. c b | Jun 3, 2011
    ahhhh tooooooo cute!! congrats, what a sweetheart :) great name too!
  21. She's so cute!
    We also have 2 rescue dogs and our little girl (who really had a horrible start to life before she came to live with us) is exactly like Sukie when it comes to cuddles. It's like she's trying to make up for lost time. She'll bury her face in any warm spot she can find, sit as closed to you as she can so that she is always touching you and forces her head into your hand so that you'll pet her.
    I hope you all have many happy hours together.
  22. She's adorable. On the island where I live, they call dogs that look like this Coconut Retrievers. They're kind of a mix of every island dog. She looks likes a sweetheart!
  23. She is absolutely beautiful.
    Congrats on rescuing such a wonderful little girl!
  24. She's beautiful! Congrats for choosing adoption for your pet! You gave her a second chance. She's lucky and it's nice ;)
  25. Omgeeee! English? I have two English-Bull Mastiffs! They are the best dogs ever! You can see pics on my blog? She is soooooo cute!
    Recipes Fahion Marriage
  26. oh i love a blog dog so much :D
  27. what a beauty! she looks so sweet and loving.
  28. ooo so cute! she's gunna get big!! :)

  29. Thanks for all your sweet comments! We think Sukie is a bull mastiff cross. However, we're not sure what she's crossed with, haven't worked that one out! She's already a decent size- 34 kilos- the pics make her look smaller than she actually is :)
  30. A good friend of mine from high school and her family actually bred mastiffs. The first time I went to her house, I joked that they were not dogs but in fact small horses.

    With mastiffs, as any dogs, you can get varying personalities. But the majority of her dogs were very loving, well-trained, and loved people. They also were chewers. Lots of chewing. You should buy many chew toys. Many.
  31. Also: She looks very much like she's crossed with Great Dane. Which also equals loving and chewy. If she does have Dane in her, you'll have to keep an eye on how her chewing habits develop. Danes are notorious for large vet bills from trying to eat things dogs are not supposed to eat. Like clothing.

    They make great family dogs, though, but you do have to watch them around the wee little ones because of their size. But they're very loyal and gentle.
  32. I LOVE this post! It's so unexpected and in the best way. Sukie is adorable and her behavior sounds even more so. That's wonderful that you rescued her and that she's fitting right in! :)
  33. Adorable! Well done on choosing a rescue dog - especially a large rescue dog, they often have a lot of trouble finding safe new homes.
    Sukie looks like she has so much love to give and looks set to enjoy her wonderful new life with you! xxoo
  34. Sally | Jun 3, 2011
    Sukie is a lucky girl, its a beautiful and very speacial thing to adopt a rescue dog (esp when mature and no longer a young puppy)
    Congrats and enjoy your new best friend!!!!
  35. Hi Sukie~~you are such a pretty girl!
  36. I can't believe I only just discovered your inspirational and beautiful website - I am in love.

    Andrea x
  37. funyy !
  38. she's adorable!!
  39. Hello Sukie, you are adorable
  40. beautiful! what an awesome new addition to the fam.
  41. lana | Jun 5, 2011
    She looks lovely !!!
  42. susie | Jun 6, 2011
    She is gorgeous, well done for getting a rescue dog - they are the best!
  43. She is GORGEOUS!

    Adopting a pet from the pound can be the most rewarding thing ever. Wish Sukie was in Australia so she could have a playdate with my pound puppy/assistant editor/replacement child Pawley. <- he's now 14 months old and the best money I ever spent.
  44. she is so cute! congrats :) she sounds SO well behaved too, i wish my puppy was like that!
  45. Morwenna | Jun 7, 2011
    So cute <3
  46. Hello Sukie! Ahh too adorable.
  47. Sukie!! What a cutie! Very happy for you!
  48. She's so cute. Her eyes speak!
    I adopted a dog too many years ago. He was quite similar to Sukie. He gave us so much love.
  49. Good job getting a shelter dog! They're the best kind. She's adorable, too.
  50. oh my...she is the cutest thing ever! Do you know what I have just discovered? this site...
    it matches you to a dog that is up for adoption which looks like you! so much fun!
  51. OMG! What a LOVE!!!! So adorable!
  52. Diana | Jun 16, 2011
    Congrats on becoming a puppy parent! I have a "gentle giant" as I call him too.
  53. Dawn | Jun 17, 2011
    I want to jump through the computer screen and give that dog a hug!

    Hey, would you mind sharing what font it is you used for "Sukie" in the photo? Love it.
  54. Jeehea | Jun 17, 2011
    i have a similar dog name Lookie.
    cuz he looks after the house when i am not around. love sukies eyes~
  55. karin c | Jun 21, 2011
    Oh she is lovely, and although there isn't a picture of her standing up, those are absolutely great dane feet and that's a great dane nose. Oh, and what is that, yep, I'd call those great dane ears! As a past owner of three danes, I'm just sayin....
  56. clealala | Jun 23, 2011
    For a minute I thought Sukie could have been Tessa's sister! We have also rescued Tessa from a shelter ( Save the dog in Melbourne) and she is very similar to Sukie. She is a little smaller though and we think she may have some staffy, Rhodesian Ridgeback,maybe mastiff?!

    Would you mind telling me where you have found her bed? We have been through a few...chewing phase... but hopefully we can get her a nice one soon.
  57. She is gorgeous!! Congratulations! Shelter pups are the best, I would never have it any other way =)
  58. She's gorgeous, and you can just tell by her eyes that she has a wonderful heart. Congratulations, and enjoy her!
  59. Rebecca | Aug 8, 2011
    She's so sweet! Thank you for saving a life from the shelter!!
  60. Riti | Jan 13, 2012
    Awww .. she is beautiful ! :) My bro and sis-in-law have an adopted doggie, she is also adorable . Sukie reminds me of her : -)
  61. Sukie is just beautiful! I had to do a double-take when I saw the photo as she looks eerily similar to my boy Oscar. He is a Bull Mastiff X Bull Arab...maybe Sukie has some Bull Arab in her. Oscar is almost 2 and 38 kilos! Enjoy her she is gorgeous!
  62. I love your blog! And I love stories of rescued pets so it's really lovely to see pics of Sukie and hear about her Magic Carpet Ride. Totally just made my day :)
  63. enter comment

    How are you Amy, I am impress how our dogs look alike... I would love to send you a picture... Our is a male and his name is Buddy... well love your blog, kisses from Orlando FL...
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