Megan Miller Nail Polish at Anthro | February 28, 2011

Quite possibly the loveliest packaging for nail polish in existence! Comes in 6 elegant shades. Spotted at Anthropologie.

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  1. Oh my goodness... that is such pretty packaging! :)
  2. so pretty! i want one just to put it on my dresser :)
  3. I love these just because of the packaging. I'd love to try them!
  4. i don't wear or use nail polish, but i'm seriously doting on the packaging of these!
  5. the cork bottle toppers are genius and the nail polish colors are super pretty. i may need to make a trip to anthro to pick up the champagne and roja ones...!
  6. Finally a new way to use all the wine corks I've saved! I totally would love to rock the caribbean polish!
  7. the latte looks amazing :))
    and i do love the cork!
  8. i will absolutely, 100% second that statement. i want to own one (or three) just for display!
  9. oh my gosh!! it's ADORABLE! makes me want buy them all :)
  10. @ Miranda, I feel you. The caribbean color is amazing. Pretty, very pretty design choice Amy.
  11. Delia | Mar 1, 2011
    I NEED; capital N.E.E.D a little Caribbean on my toes! Thanks for the heads up, on my way there later this afternoon. Can you tell I excite easily. ;)
  12. the cork top is such an adorable touch!
  13. perfect colors!
  14. ahh so cute. love the cork!

  15. Katie | Mar 1, 2011
    You find just the prettiest things - I love your blog!
  16. Hi,
    I've been looking for a pretty hue of turquoise, and now I know where to go. Love your site. :)
  17. These colors are great for spring. What unique colors and bottles.
  18. These are super cute! I am obsessed with nailpolish and these might be the cutest bottles I've seen around!
  19. I want!!
  20. These are the cutest nail polishes I ever saw. Just found you via Dusttjacket Attic, I love you blog. I'm still new as a blogger, but your blog totally inspires me!
  21. PS I put you on my blogroll!
  22. Love it. great product design and choice of font.
  23. Oh wowee wow. I really want those! If only they weren't so dang expensive!!

  24. The bottles are sooo pretty! It makes the colors even more so.
  25. Mr.Roger Miller | Mar 12, 2011
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  26. Cool packaging! You always find new stuff. Good work Amy

    Interior Designer Melbourne
  27. wow you ain't creative!! :)))
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