Mini Interview with Wedding Photographer Jonathan Ong | November 04, 2010

One of the important tasks for my wedding earlier this year was to find a brilliant Melbourne photographer, someone with a unique vision who possessed a passion and keen eye for detail. I stumbled across Jonathan Ong while browsing through Australian wedding blog Polka Dot Bride and was impressed with his quirky and artistic style.

Jonathan recently launched a new website and blog.  "The website is meant to be an experience; a magical journey. I believe an experience cannot be rushed; it must have a relationship with time. The song playing in the background is written by a wonderfully talented friend of mine, Valerie. It's full of heart and I absolutely love what she has come up with. So close your eyes, open your heart, and follow me on a journey of faith, hope and love"

Jonathan was also kind enough to answer a couple of questions for Eat Drink Chic! Continue for my mini interview with Jonathan and to see more of his fabulous work.

What made you decide to pursue wedding/engagement photography?

I think I fell in love with weddings the moment I started 6 years ago. There was an intangible gravitation that drew me towards weddings & people in love. Maybe it's the fact that my parents got a divorce and somewhere deep inside of me I wanted to make sure that I'd find love and get it right. Each wedding gives me hope, that one day I'll find the one and live happily ever after.

What is your favourite part of photographing weddings?

I don't see myself as a photographer but more as an observer of life. It is such a honour and privilege to be able to witness people in love week after week. It never fails to warm my heart. I've always said that, to me, what I do is not a job. It's my passion, it's a part of who I am; a integral part of my life. I am so thankful to God for giving me this talent and having the ability to bless others with it.

Has doing a course in graphic design changed your style of photography in any way?

I'm currently doing my Honours year at RMIT, Melbourne. I love the fact that I'm studying graphic design and not photography. I'm a strong believer that the best people in life are those who don't end up working in the field they studied previously. It's what makes them uniquely different and makes them stand out in a crowd. Studying graphic design has definitely set me apart from the rest of the market. I see things differently; and stray away from the traditions of photography because I was never taught them. I'm also not afraid to say that I'm probably the most un-technical wedding photographer out there. I just figure things out as I go along. I believe the more important aspect about photography is how one perceives the world around and the ability to be true to life's fleeting moments.

You have a very artistic and unique style, what inspires you?

One of my greatest inspirations is Henri Cartier Bresson, a french photojournalist. I was drawn to his amazing images early at a young age and when I began read his philosophies and approach to life, it completely changed me. He said to keep one's eye, head and heart in one axis whenever taking a photograph, which is something I live by.

You can check out even more of jonathan's inspiring photography on his newly re-designed website.

{ all photography by Jonathan Ong }

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  1. This is great! I love his take on studying something different from what he's doing. Definitely a positive way to look at it.
  2. Beautiful photos!!!
  3. LOVE!! I did a post last year about that clear umbrella - I KNEW it would look SMASHING at a rainy day wedding. So glad to see it in action! Think it's still available at urban outfitters:
  4. What clever, charming photos ... loving the 3rd, 4th and 8th particularly.
  5. Your site is so beautiful,everything goes with everything and also the pictures are just lovely.
  6. I have adored watching Jonathan's work! What a talent he is with such a soul!
  7. Love all these pics and his approach, very talented!
  8. Sunny | Mar 1, 2011
    Great photos.

    is it fair to say Jonathan is very much inspired by Henri Cartier Bresson's philosophies and approach to life. Yet at the same time, influenced by Max Wanger's photographic style?
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