Mini Paper Fan Printables on 'Oh Happy Day' | July 15, 2013

So, I disappeared a bit last week. Sorry about that folks! My new Pomodoro timer app still works a treat but at some point, for whatever the reason, the wheels fell off my whole 'getting organised' mission. Just so you know, I've been working on these babies! It's my latest post for Oh Happy Day. You can grab them here.

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  1. Oh, they look so cute!
  2. Love them!! Really nice, as usual!! Thanks! xxx
  3. How cute! Love the place setting idea.
  4. Oh my, Amy! These are so, so adorable and cute! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!
  5. These are really cute and great special touch for any dinner party. Thanks for sharing!
  6. lemondedis | Aug 21, 2013
    so cute ! thanks for sharing...
  7. Micky | Dec 16, 2013
    Love them!! Really nice!
    I need fashion prom dresses for the coming festival party!
  8. Veronica | Jan 21, 2014
    Hi there,

    1. I have noticed that you haven't updated the freebies section yet so I hope you can do that in the near future

    2. What are the pins called that you have used for the fans, I can't remember their names

    3. I love your work and the things that you create, thank you so much for sharing them

    4. Do you use a specific software when designing??

    Thanks, sorry for all the questions xxx
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