Miss Mexicana by Mister Zimi | September 25, 2013

Loving the bright, summery patterns in this festive, Mexican-inspired collection from Mister Zimi. Don't the pics make you smile? You just can't go wrong with an over-abundance of pineapples.

Be sure to check out the cute video.

{ via: Broadsheet | photos: Mister Zimi }

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  1. These prints are simply gorgeous.

    Love, <a href="http://www.whenyoudreambig.com">When You Dream Big</a> x
  2. Love the prints on the short dresses!
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  3. Josephine | Sep 25, 2013
    Those surely are lovely patterns but I can't help but wonder why they didn't chose a latina girl for that shooting instead of putting a white, blonde woman in some mexican-inspired clothing & took pictures infront of a south american looking setting. ..
  4. Pineapple pants -- a must!
    -- Angelica
  5. Love Mister Zimi & LOVE these photos..!

    I visited the bar in these photos when I was in Bali back in April & I promise, it's every bit as amazing as it looks.


  6. Love the colours and patterns in here. You have a great eye (or two) for style! Many thanks
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