Mixed Bag... April 1st, 2011 | April 01, 2011

a  Stamp Rugs officially licenced by The Royal Mail { via Adore Home }

b  Happy Easter gift tags from Kikki K

Handmade candy by Selfridges { via hooray }

d  'It's OK' banner from Secret Holiday

e  Lavender Lorne Button Back Chair from Early Settler

f   Sweet collages by Bird in a Bunny Suit

g  Missoni Mare Swimsuit from Net a Porter

h  Custom designed typographic wood puzzles- "Nuzzles" by John Christenson

i  Coral Leather Bow Make-up bag from Topshop

j  Teal confetti from Kristina Marie

k  Pink Suede 'Meow' shoes by Jeffrey Campbell from Solestruck

l  Pintuck Velvet Pillow from Urban Outfitters

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  1. Jayne Mackie | Apr 1, 2011
    Totally had my hopes up that I could buy that gorgeous chair, only to find its in Australia!:( That green cushion would look so sweet sat on it as well! lovely collection
  2. I love the lavender chair!!! It looks so sweet and super comfy :)

    Belly B
  3. I just reeeally love your blog, as a whole! Everything you post is so beautiful and cheerful. I'm going to see the link of that swimsuit.. it's a a bit different from the usual and I'm curious as to how it looks on a body. Plus, love the colors!
  4. Shannyn | Apr 1, 2011
    love love love this post!
    So beautiful!
  5. This is such a sweet board! Love the Missoni bathing suit ... ahh, to be rich!
  6. Wow!! Beautiful!
  7. I so need that banner above my work desk!
  8. Great choices!! Love it!!
  9. Your blog is AH-dorable! Just ran across it...I am new to this =) Love the tufted back button chair, i bought one like it for my office.....xoxo, Shelli
  10. I love the confetti! The color is so calming, and there's just something about confetti that makes me think of having fun and celebrating a good time with friends and loved ones.

    Thanks for sharing your mixed bag! Have a wonderful weekend.
  11. What great finds! I love the "It's OK" banner - gorgeous! Happy weekend to you, Stephie x
  12. My fav is the purple chair :O cute
  13. Oh goodness gracious I simply love all of these! I really want to buy the lovely pink shoes and purple chair! All simply wonderful. ?

    These are my absolute favourite colours right now! Love, love, love.

  14. aww I love the 'Its OK' sign best! I really like how youve chosen all the lovely pastel colours that look so lovely together :) want them all really which is useful as i'd like to compile a birthday wishlist! will be coming to you first!
  15. Carla | Apr 4, 2011
    Hi sweetie!
    A long time I've been looking for a font that you use frequency here on your site. The font I'm looking for is the same that you use in yours label's menu ('about', 'search', 'twitter', 'rss feed' and others). Could you tell me what the name of that font? Thank you!
  16. the pastel color palette of this collection is so pretty!the typographic puzzle and purple chair are my favorites!
  17. These images are soo lovely - I've been considering a Missoni swimsuit this year, and this post may have just pushed me over the edge!! ;)
  18. that banner! i need it. definitely.
  19. Love your collage. So pretty. Great finds. This blog is soooo pretty.
  20. how cute is that clutch??

  21. Hi Carla, the font that i use is called 'wendy bold'. i purchased it from http://www.fontshop.com/
  22. I love the bird with the bow tie. So cute =)

    - Sarah
  23. I know I'm about 4 months late but this post is one of the cutest I've come across! A+ :)
  24. I looove that chair! The color + it looks so..luxurious! I want. haha Great picks + love ALL the colors together!
  25. so creative mind only few people have this is
    gods gift to you
    God bless you for such a Great gift work
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