Mixed Bag... August 8, 2011 | August 08, 2011

Homework pencil case by Present and Correct from Haus

Salad serving set from Leif

Nail polish in 'Leprechaun Lynch' from Scotch Naturals { via Life's Little Jems }

Experimental typography by Anna Garforth { via formfiftyfive }

Mini sequin heart hairclip/brooch from Ban.do

Mimi CDC dress by Marc Jacobs

Industrial stencil letters from Urban Outfitters

Mask bag by Atsuyo et Akiko from Smallable

Funky juice bottles from Dutch by design { via designlovefest }

DIY wool felt flower hair accessories from Make it and love it

Kissing Stags Flat Purse from Anorak

Repetto BB Patent Ballerina Pumps from Asos

Carpenter pencil set from International Arrivals

Mustard Rose Pillow from jillybeancraft

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  1. I like this selection ! beautiful colours !

  2. Great mix! Love the pink flats!
  3. I love the water bottle!
  4. I love that pillow!
  5. melinda | Aug 13, 2011
    Thank you for the Dutch by Design reference. I browsed over to their site and found this LOVELY shelf.


    Anyways, the point is, thanks for sharing!
  6. Love the ban.do clip!

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