Mixed Bag... February 29, 2012 | February 29, 2012

Nothing lifts my mood more than a shot of colour. I guess it's a wonderful thing that bright hues are just so prevalent these days...

leather { colour block purse } from topshop

{ outfit } from j.crew

{ magenta suede loafers } from bared

mini { pom pom } hair clip/brooch set from ban.do

{ evian bottle } design from back in '09 by paul smith  { via minimalissimo }

check mark { art print } from twoems { via fossil.life.style }

fashion { quote cards } from kikki.K

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  1. J. Crew is flawless.
  2. This is a completely lovely post. I love how prevalent colours have been as well! It brightens my days.
    Lovely quote.
  3. beautiful mix... makes me feel better :)
  4. I just discovered your blog and I'm in love !
  5. I love the pattern on the check mark art print and the bright colors on the J. Crew outfit. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I feel like everyone is trying to incorporate more color this season -- and I absolutely love it. It's especially great when you can do it through accessories like these. Also, you know, <i>cheaper</i> than entirely revamping my mostly-black-New-Yorker wardrobe.
  7. love this whole collection. perfect for a gray day in portland :)
  8. such a cute composition of all these colorful elements. i love it, longing for a bright and sunny spring in san francisco!
  9. Love love loving this gorgeous collection of brights - so cheery for a rainy afternoon!
  10. Okay I'm a little obsessed with mixing bright colors and it looks so fab here! Great job!
  11. what a HAPPY collage!!! Oh, so cheerful and pretty!
  12. Love this roundup and the quote about style. It's been on my mind lately to get back to my own instincts on style instead of focusing on what's 'on trend.'
  13. i love the magenta loafers. having a bit of a magenta crave at the moment...http://simplystylishmom.com/2012/03/21/magenta/

    xxo, SSM
  14. I love those designer evian bottles.
  15. Nice post Thanks a lot for sharing
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