Mixed Bag... June 27, 2011 | June 27, 2011

Zippity Doo Dah pouch from International Arrivals

Apple Lacquer Clock from Jonathan Adler

Vintage bow ties from American Apparel

Storage jars from Haus

Meridian dress in teal from Hound Design { via Darling Dexter }

Pet Rock Printed Leather Bill Holder from Jack Spade

Neon Nail Polish from American Apparel

Re-usable submarine ice-cubes from Kikkerland

Chartreuse Rose on White pillow from bedbuggs

Mittens from Bergslagsgatan { via Fine Little Day }

Original Coca-Cola Hutchinson bottle from Selfridges

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  1. Wow, great colors! love it
  2. oooooh!
    Cocacolaaa is my favourite drink and i collect bottles of cocacola !,
    i love it
    Spain, lidiana
  3. I really like the apple clock!

    - Sarah
  4. Gosh I LOVE the apple clock!!! It's so adorable!

    Belly B
  5. loving these colors!
  6. The chartreuse rose pillow looks like a giant head of lettuce to me. I love it more because of that.
  7. Thank you! I really love the jar! Great products!
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