Mixed Bag... March 14, 2012 | March 14, 2012

{ outfit } by des petits hauts ( via designlovefest )

{ necklace } by apres ski

x ochre { cushion } by ponyrider. (they appear to be sold out but i also spotted it in this shop.)

fun in the sun { tote } by alphabet bags found at everything begins

{ pink gingham folder } from typo

artisan { pops } by liana raine

dali pink { espadrilles } from soludos

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  1. wonderful color scheme :)
  2. How come it seems as though Australia has the best stationery and supplies stores??? I really do like that gingham folder
  3. lovely picks
  4. This is an awesome post. In rainy San Francisco this post just brought some summery, joy into my life! The pink espadrilles and the ice cream necklace are dreamy.
  5. I love the colors. Cute necklace! :)

  6. Great selections! I love this necklace!
  7. that skirt is amazing! thanks for sharing.
  8. Great picks!
  9. Holy moly, I love those file folders! Gonna try to find them now. Really cute post!
  10. Thanks for making me cry at work! loll. So sweet. Your blog thecous me every time Kasye. Thank you for your encouraging words. I feel like somehow you know just what needs to be written...like its just for me. hahhaha but it's not. You just have a gift of connecting with people and relating! Thank you!
  11. Nice post Thanks a lot for sharing
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