Mixed Bag... May 17, 2012 | May 17, 2012

Marshmallow { scented candle } from Mor

Peacock { bedhead } from Naturally Cane

Caf coffee { cup with gold handle } from Citta Design

Batik { coffee scoop } from Leif

'Nice Cushy' { cushion } from Typo

'Talons' { nail polish } from Gorman

{ Bracelet } from Sassari

Flamingo { necklace } from Bellissima

{ Clutch } from Amigonstro

Folk damask { Notewriter set } from SusyJack*

Whiskey 'Farrell' { Shoes } from Merchant

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  1. i love the fawn pillow! it's so cute!
  2. Love the colors here! And I wouldn't mind having that bracelet on my wrist!
  3. That headboard is soooo amazing! I want it. Maybe in a dark teal. And that clutch, too :-)
  4. I'm seriously in love with those Merchant shoes
  5. Marshmallow candle? Yes. I need that for my dietetics office!
  6. Cute! Love those wooden spoons and the gold handle on that mug! :)

  7. That clutch is so chic! And marshmellow candle... yes please!!
  8. I love the bedhead, coffee scoops, bracelet and stationery. But they are all really good finds.
  9. Excellent selection. I especially like the neon clutch
  10. That is seriously the coolest headboard I have ever seen. There's no way my fiance would ever agree to it, but I wish I could have had it in my room growing up! Maybe if we have kids?
  11. OH my gosh I have been looking for cane headboards like the ones that cane company sell for such a long time now, thank you! Of course I can't actually afford one but now I can stop looking and start saving!
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