Mixed Bag... October 20, 2011 | October 20, 2011

Sydney Vintage Table Lamp from Mod Pieces

2012 Watercolour Calendar from Terrain

Piano Nobile Pocket Notebooks from R&L Goods

Huge Party Cards by Hazel Stark

Tatler Sofa from Oz Furniture Design

Typographic wood artwork by Jordan Metcalf

Small Arrows Bowls from Deep Dark Africa {via The Style Files}

Small Knit Colour Cozy Mug from Leif

Get the Hint Stickers from Urban Outfitters

Cute photo of Audrey Hepburn

Spira Pomerans Pink Swedish Cushion from Hus and Hem

First Kiss Tea towel from Satsuki Shibuya

Payton Restyled Vintage Table Lamp from Mod Pieces

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  1. Beautiful picks!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,
  2. I love the knitted mugs! Brilliant idea.
  3. So many great patterns and textures! Thank you for sharing!
  4. I love the knitted mug holders. What a great idea, a reuseable cup holder. I can imagine drinking a hot cup of coco.
  5. Very beautiful picks!!!
  6. I love Mod Pieces! Their lamps are just perfect <3
  7. hannah | Oct 21, 2011
    such beautiful finds! {i was lucky enough to stumble across hus & hem not so long ago-fab shop!} han x :D
  8. Love your blog, you publish really great pics, love your taste :)
  9. Loving the knitted mugs as well as the beautiful calendar! Gorgeous :)
  10. Thanks so much for including my lamps! Each of these pieces are beautiful. I especially love the notebooks, bowls & cushion!

    p.s. Thanks, Victoria for the Mod Pieces love!
  11. You have a wonderful blog, so full of inspiration. Thank you for sharing!
  12. I love those little notebooks! And the 'Get the Hint' stickers are genius. C:
  13. Ooh, I need that Mod Pieces table lamp!
  14. Really cool items, love the calendar it looks great.
  15. love the calendar it looks great.
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