Mixed Bag... September 26, 2011 | September 26, 2011

1955 pink vintage typewriter from BMT vintage

Glitter Letters from Paper Trail

Veranda Floral Shoes from Ruche

Word painting artwork by Wayne White

Dress from Victoria collection by Victoria Beckham (via Much Love)

Hofdi Cushion from Donna Wilson

Birdy Walk scarf from Donna Wilson  in fact, check out her entire  2011/12 collection

Origami Hana Rope Necklace by Homako

Pink Ceramic Owl money bank from Fruitfly PIe

Paint Me A Dream Flower from Alannah Hill

Watermelon on Natural Cross Cushion from Olive and Joy

Howell Wingback Chair from Anthropologie

Cockatoo Tea Towel from Bonnie and Neil

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  1. Oh, to have a room where that wing-back chair could sit...and to have time to curl up & read a book in it!
  2. That pink typewriter is seriously so cute... I want it! :)
  3. love/want that perdy pink typewriter!

  4. What a beautiful selection! I love the Hofdi cushion and the Cockatoo Tea Towel. Lovely!
  5. I love the orange, wing-backed chair! Gorgeous.
  6. What a gorgeous collection of pieces, I love them all, don't even know where to begin! I REALLY REALLY love the owl though! That is BEYOND gorgeous!!

    :) Hazel
  7. Looove those shoes!
  8. Oh wow that dress is amazing! The cockatoo tea towel is lovely as well :)
    You have completely brightened my day!
  9. Great picks! Love the bright orange chair!
  10. i adore the pink typewriter!
    i love your blog! i included it on my blog as a daily read :)
  11. Cute pink overload! Love all of it, but especially the typewriter and the shoes.
  12. Love the orange wingback chair! What a statement piece!

  13. Hey! I have that owl! But it's a multi-colored lamp instead of a bank...

  14. More on the fabulous work of Wayne White here:http://artstormer.com/tag/wayne-white/
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