Mixed Bag... | December 02, 2013

earrings | mug | shoes (via) | pot plantsbag | mug 2 | cushion | soap | iPhone | bedding | planter

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  1. Hi Amy! Thank you so much for featuring the Elizabeth Pechacek mug from my site! Your blog is lovely :)

  2. oh! those shoes are so nice!
  3. Great post as always! Those earrings are fantastic!
    xx, Angelica
  4. I love your blog! The cold cushion is just fabulous!
  5. That coffee mug has a great and beautiful design!
  6. Those potted plants are so cute - perfect for apartments!
  7. Tiffany | Dec 9, 2013
    I just love your blog and your adorable fonts! Can you tell me the two fonts you use, both for your mixed bag one and the cursive one used when you point at stuff in your photos? I just love them!
  8. Lovely picks! We adore all of this prettiness, especially the beautiful botanical pots.


  9. Mommy G | Dec 17, 2013
    These shoes look really amazing!

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