Mixed Bag... | June 03, 2014

Today's 'Mixed Bag' was inspired by the colours and clash of patterns in this particular outfit from the Spring/Summer collection mentioned in my previous post. I do enjoy a good pattern clash, don't you?

shoes | david lynch iphone wallpaper | tote | dog bowloutfit | cushion | lamp | lips clutch | salt n' pepper shakers | dog leash 

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  1. This is a great 'mixed bag'. I love the cushion and the dog bowl of which I was hoping that it is some kind of breakfast bowl. So if I had a dog, I would get it.

  2. Love your mix bag. The pillow caught my eye with the cute illustration.
  3. Ooh, love that dog leash!!

  4. Susan Williams | Jul 4, 2014
    Love your "mixed bag". These pink suede shoes are gorgeous!
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  5. I think every woman knows what it means) My bag is always mixed
  6. Love the idea of the "mixed bag". I believe every women knows the meaning. My bag also always mixed.
  7. Honestly speaking, I don't like the ideas of the above posted photography. It conveys old-fashioned aspects of clothing.
  8. I really like the way you mixed all these item
  9. Thanks for sharing this way to mix clothes
  10. I feel your article very funny but creative
  11. I liked your article, it is very impressive
  12. I think I could probably eat this for dessert! I have never eaten sweet potatoes like this although I have done a similar thing with carrots and loved it.
  13. aefafas
  14. That's cool! I really like those tricky black and white combinations. And pale colours too.
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