Mixed Bag... | June 06, 2013

napkins | oxfords | tiger cushion (via the design files) | leopard cushion | moustache | mask | tag | straws | dog | de clieu | mousepad | coaster 

posted under: Fashion, Home Décor, Melbourne Chic, Mixed Bag, Parties, Photography, Stationery, Tableware


  1. Love it!!! especially the shot of that sweet dog
  2. love the mask :) thanks for sharing!
  3. That moustache place holder is too cute. so are the straws.
  4. Thanks for featuring our little tags Amy! What a fun blog you have, I'll be coming back! :-)
  5. Cutest blog!

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  20. I want to have that sleep mask, looks so interesting and fun, haha. Thank you for sharing these cute products.
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