Mixed Bag... | May 15, 2013

Kilim Birds in Hot Pink Cushion from Frankie and Swiss

Pink Paper Poppy from amor y locura

Hand Turned Table Lamp by Douglas and Bec

Oh Happy Day card by Ma and Grandy (via Frankie)

Outfit by American Retro and Alexander Terekhov

Bamileke Feather Headdress in Turquoise from Safari Fusion

Jai Cross Artwork from Fenton and Fenton

Carved Wood Coffee Table from West Elm (New shop open in Sydney!!)

Elroy Mug from Freedom

Lila Chair from Urban Outfitters

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  1. What a great collection! I love the outfit in the center. Awesome selections once again!
  2. Everything is so pretty! I especially like the cushion's pattern!
  3. This post is just so cheery and happy! I love the cushion and the card.
    <a href="http://thegrassskirtblog.com">The Grass Skirt</a>
  4. I love the skirt! So pretty. And that cushion!!!
  5. Que c'est ensoleillé ! Cela fait du bien...
  6. Love the coffee table from West elm, I purchased one myself!
  7. I love the chair so much! I want it!!

    Natalie @ secretsofahappygirl.blogspot.co.uk
  8. Love the Kilim Birds in Hot Pink Cushion
  9. The Hand Turned Table Lamp is my favourite.
  10. A really nice selection you've got !
  11. Thanks for including our hot pink kilim cushion Amy! We love your website and are thrilled to have been included here! Best, Michelle xx
  12. Thank you once again Amy for the inclusion, our turquoise Bamileke Feather Headdress looks fab with the rest of the mixed bag. I am in love with all the colours! Kindest, Kellie
  13. Sarah | Jun 1, 2013
    Wow, that cushion! I just went to visit their website, it's awesome. Bought the cushion!
  14. Thank you muchly Amy for featuring our Oh Happy Day! card! I have only just discovered this... so a little slow! Love, love, love your blog and all you post. Thanks again!
    Natala x
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  21. everything is so beautiful. Especially I liked that dress in center. This is lovely. Keep sharing.
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  23. Amazing Collection i very love this.........
  24. That coffee table looks really nice. Thank you for sharing these items. Love your picks.
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