Mixed Bag... | May 26, 2014

So recently, I lost my mind a little and went all housewife-y. Of course, not just ordinary housewife-y but full on Martha because, you know, '10' is my only gear.

Apart from going into psycho-organiser mode- cleaning kitchen cutlery drawers and the like- I started making extensive wishlists for each room. The goal- to improve efficiency, tidiness, functionality, comfort and beauty of each room. (Hello, my name is Amy and I am a nerd.)

In addition, I started making a wishlist for items for a fictional dinner party that may never actually eventuate.  

Now, this may all seem eerily akin to the refined art of procrastination, however, I have definitely found that having a house that is in order, results in a much clearer mind (and, yes, a much prettier house).

Speaking of pretty house things, here's a round-up of some beauties I've had my eye on recently:

lamp | artworkshopper |  ceramic plates |  amber abode sculpture | ceramic tumbler | chair or replica  | planter | dog bed 

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  1. It sounds like you are in a spring cleaning mood. I actually prefer an organised home as well and I am of the firm belief that the state of being organised does not compromise on creativity. Speaking of creativity I really love the art work and set of ceramic plates.

  2. My husband bought me the zig zag shopper for mother's day and it's sooooo good! It's quite big, so really practical, the neutral colours mean you can put it with anything and it goes, and the striking design means I feel special whenever I'm carrying it. Best mother's day present ever. :)

    Bet it was fun putting this little collection together. It's fun looking at it!
  3. This sounds like such a fun course! And having a well organized home is such a treat! I should go to one of those too!
  4. a wishlist for items, and what you can do. You can mention and link together. The logical link with each other.
  5. Loving that artwork! I'm on the hunt for some pretty artwork for my space right now! Thanks!
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