Moda Barcelona by Citta Design | October 03, 2012

Once again, Citta Design provides us with another inspiring summer collection packed with soooo many swoon-worthy items!

Above is my attempt to cram some of my favourites (too many!!) into a montage... 

You can't help but be put in a festive, summery mood when you look at all these colourful details! Combined with all this warm weather we've been having lately... I'd say it's time for a party!

{ all photos from the Citta Design website }

posted under: Gift Ideas, Home Décor


  1. Very pretty designs, I get how you couldn't decide which items to put in your montage because everything's so colorful and nice to look at.
  2. I love all the colour and pattern - a fiesta, indeed!
  3. nice! The stripe cushion is my favourite from the bunch! lovT
  4. Absolutely love the firt image's atmosphere!
  5. I love this post ...
    The colors, patterns ... it's beautiful :)
  6. I love everything in the collection! Especially all of the bright colors.
  7. love all the bright colors and patterns!
  8. Great work I love to see Thanks Admin
  9. I was about to say something on this topic . But now i can see that everything on this topic is very amazing and mind blowing, so i have nothing to say here. I am just going through all the topics and being appreciated. Thanks for sharing.
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