Moody Hues... April 13, 2011 | April 13, 2011

Handfolded Bow gift toppers by Avie Designs

The Secret Garden embroidered book design by Jillian Tamaki  { via Camille Styles }

Dress from ModCloth

Lamp from Hermon & Hermon

Vase from Anthropologie

Handbag from Fossil

Chesterfield Couch from Anthropologie

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  1. Oh I love this yellow hue! It's like a warm summer day!
    -gonna check this dress asap..
    xo, Eleni
  2. WOW! Pretty! LOVE LOVE LOVE the handbag! Too bad that I bought one recently otherwise I would get that! :((
  3. So bright and cheerful! That yellow dress is perfect for summer!
  4. such a happy little collection! putting me in a summer mood!
  5. LOVE that couch!
  6. i LOVE the yellow dress. Yellow is my absolute favorite color, and that dress is just a ray of sunshine.
  7. Such a gorgeous colour - the dress is fabulous!
  8. mustard never looked so good. the lamp is heavenly.
  9. I'm loving the yellow. Yellow and grey are big time popular right now. Thanks for sharing =)

    - Sarah
  10. I love that yellow sofa! and the vase...and the bag...heck I LovE IT ALL!

  11. Love it all!
  12. The warm yellow and grey is lovely.
  13. kerington | Apr 14, 2011
    love that yellow bag :)
  14. love this color so much! am trying to find some yarn that matches it for a perfect spring sweater!
  15. very vibrant collection here!
  16. love this mustard color! so cheery!
  17. This is absolutely LOVELY - and thanks for linking over to me! I adored that book cover as well, so I'm glad you were inspired! xoxo
  18. ohhh the lamp. enjoying your blog :)
  19. So fun!! I just love all of your spreads.
  20. Love the mustard coloured sofa!
  21. Emily | Apr 16, 2011
    love this color palette! beware the dress, though. i actually bought it last fall for a party and the color in real life is NOWHERE near the color in the photo.
    it was actually a hideous greenish brown and not yellow in the slightest. :-(
  22. With a dress that cute, I just KNEW it had to be from ModCloth!

    cute post, thanks for sharing!!

    please check out my blog!
  23. Gorgeous colours!
  24. so creative mind only few people have this is
    gods gift to you
    God bless you for such a Great gift work
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