Moody Hues... December 3, 2010 | December 03, 2010

'Grace' dress by Juliette Hogan Bridesmaid... Doily notecards from Beau Ideal... Rusty bell heart decorations from Toast... School Shoes from Kling

'Ellie' wood sunglasses from Capital... Doily notecards from Beau Ideal... Dress by Fleur Wood... Pinecone heart wreath from Le Souk

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  1. amazing!!
  2. i want to wear that first dress
  3. lovely dresses. i wish it was warm enough to wear things like that still.
  4. I love love love the doily notecards. So so cute.
  5. I love the designers that you feature. I found my new favorite designer, Lorick, from reading your blog. Keep exposing the greats to your readers.

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  6. that lace dress is stunning!
  7. i simply love your montages! Thanks for the effort!
  8. Oh dear, that dress is too divine.

    Patricia Ann
  9. Love the spread! Beautiful!
  10. Oh wow I love that Fleur Wood dress!!!! I really love your website, it's so twee and sweet. It's refreshing! I've added you to my favoured links page.

    Rhonnie @
  11. I really love these colour combos... and the 'Grace' dress and doily notecards are just beautiful. :D
  12. Both dresses...NEED.

    They make me wish I had an event to get all dolled up for.
  13. What a neat feature! I really love the way that all of these come together. The Le Souk wreath and Fleur Wood dress are unexpectedly great side-by-side.
  14. Kimberly | Jan 16, 2011
    um how can i obtain this dress?
  15. your Gifted with talent Now you are proving that.
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