Moody Hues... May 18, 2011 | May 18, 2011

Dress from BHLDN

Felt flowers DIY tutorial by Miles of Sunshine

Lamp from Anthropologie

'Great Food' book series covers by Coralie Bickford-Smith

Settee from West Elm

Grandiflora Recipe Journal from Anthropologie

Shoes from Liebling { via Oh Joy }

Napkin Bow DIY by Martha Stewart

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  1. I adore this cadmium yellow theme! The felt flowers just stand out! Thanks for showcasing these lovelies!

    Pei Li
  2. Love the felt flowers! So bright and fun :)
  3. I love this colour, the flowers are lovely !
  4. I love this color combination, and you've pulled together some great finds! That lamp is to die for and I've had my eye on that BHLDN dress. Great post!
  5. Love those colors together! Those flowers are amazing - thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  6. LOVELOVELOVE this site. I could spend 349 hours straight on here!
  7. Loving these colors and the dress is adorable!!

  8. I love those felt flowers! they would be perfect on a summer bag!
  9. Beautiful, as always.. and in my favorite color at that! : )
  10. oh darling, i adore your picks you always choose for these adorable collages. love the colours! anthropologie is wonderful...i love that couch, that lamp, that dress, and the martha stewart bow! lovely!

  11. Efy | May 19, 2011
    Love the shoes!!
  12. I like the layout and feel of this post. I like mustard coloured clothes ^-^
  13. That dress is SO cute!!
  14. Those flowers are the best! I simple adore their bold color.
  15. such a happy color... very lovely
  16. Vasu | May 21, 2011
    i love the splash of yellow...
  17. I LOVE THIS COLOR! Im sporting my purse, nails, and even cupcakes I made last night in this color haha. Im in love with your blog and get inspired with every post. Thanks.
  18. Perfect post! I am loving all things yellow at the moment! Do you think Anthropologie will ever make it to our shores? Maybe it's a good thing if they don't - I don't think my credit card could handle it! Have a great weekend, Stephie x
  19. This selection is awesome ! And the dress, oh my !!! Thanks for this beautiful blog :)
  20. that settee! i love it. hope you're having a great weekend.
  21. oh i am totally in love with mustard. i want a cardigan or something like it!
  22. Eye-soothing :D
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