Neutral Objects | October 22, 2009

Finding inspiration in the neutral tones of these simple, beautiful objects on Flickr.

Top:  Heart cookie by  Simple Effulgence

Bottom: White buttons by  Stitchindye

posted under: Colour Inspiration, Photography


  1. Lovely buttons!! I love the leave ones.
  2. Simple but so cute !
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  4. so beautiful! i just love kristi's work... ;o)
  5. oh buttons! so cute and simple. love so much. so happy to have discovered your blog!
  6. I love your blog and your personal photos...I invite you to my blog:
  7. Nice to be here and see your post !
  8. simple & lovely great.
  9. Nice to share Thanks for sharing
  10. Color is used for attraction.The using color and design are good. thanks for your post.
  11. beauty in simplicity. Great find on flickr
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