New York Stories by Citta Design | July 14, 2011

Loving these picks from Citta Design's latest season of homewares inspired by New York.

posted under: Entertaining, Gift Ideas, Home Décor, Tableware


  1. Gorgeous. i love the colour!
  2. Absolutely love these. Such a beautiful colour combo and the messy watercolour effect is great
  3. i absolutely LOVE these vibrant colours! Red is my favourite colour of all time! great finds!

  4. Beautiful color palette here! I would love to have a set of those mugs :)
  5. Oooh, aaahhh! Love these colors and design.
  6. the color palette reminds me of a panna cotta.
  7. Thanks for the post!! It makes us excited to read the comments and to see our product gracing the 'pages' of great blogs like yours! x
  8. I'm in love with that beautiful mug!
  9. that mug!! the pink + gold is lovely!
  10. Great color palette! Love the pillow!
  11. These are beautiful, love the mug!
  12. Love the colours. Want that mug!
  13. Great find! I will be placing an order. Love the colour and the design ... so cute!
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