Nostalgia | January 13, 2011

I think I may have a sugar high from looking at the unbearably cute, retro-style packaging of Nostalgia bath products.

{ via Design Work Life and The Dieline }

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  1. OMG l want one of everything! Thanks for sharing x
  2. Oh, how cute! I would buy these just for the package.
  3. Pretty, pretty packaging! A true delight to the eye :).
  4. So pretty!! I love retro style packing.
  5. sweet and unpretentious!
  6. absolutely adorable.
  7. I'm smitten. It's so adorable.
  8. pretty patterns and four different fonts equate to perfection!
  9. Pretties packaging for these type of products that I've ever seen. At first, I thought it was food, ha! So so pretty!
  10. these are so sweet - love the vintage flair!
  11. Gorgeous prints and packaging!
  12. Love the whimsical retro packaging. The question is are the products good?
  13. Oh my love! I'd buy these simply for the packaging.
  14. I really need to stop reading your blog. You're always posting things I suddenly feel the urge to buy.
  15. Iris | Jan 16, 2011
    Oh my gosh! The packaging is just adorable! :)

    I was wondering, what font are you using for 'leave a comment'? It's really adorable! :)
  16. So adorable! I love the packaging design.
  17. Beautiful packaging. Love the colors.
  18. These just melt my heart! I love all the patterns: especially mud pie. Thanks for sharing
  19. Beautiful packaging! :)
  20. lovely
  21. cute! if you ever need labels printed for things like can find some good designs at :D
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