One Year Old | June 17, 2010

WIth all that has been happening in my life lately, I'd almost forgotten that Eat Drink Chic turned 1 year old on June 8! I can't believe it's been a whole year already!

Speaking of birthdays, this 'Bon anniversaire' cat paperdoll card by Livework is one of the cutest cards I've seen in awhile and it comes with a gorgeous little aqua envelope. I picked it up at a nearby paperie. It's also available online here at Pigeonhole. Be sure to check out the other cute cards in the paperdoll range.

{ photos by Amy Moss }

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday Eat Drink Chic, thank you for all your beautiful inspiration. x Francesca
  2. gosia | Jun 17, 2010
    Happy Birthday!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eat Drink Chic!! How exciting!! Your blog is sooo fantastic and it deserves to eat a cupcake!
  4. Hip Hooray - congratulations on a wonderful first year! Leanne xx
  5. Happy Birthday little blog! My blog gives you a birthday hug!
  6. Congratulations!
  7. Congratulations on the blog anniversary!

    And the card is too cute.
  8. i love your blog- i got really excited when i found it a few months back. happy birthday!
  9. Happy Anniversary!!!
  10. What an adorable little card! Now that we've got a kittie of our own, every time I go to get a card for anyone I naturally am drawn to the ones with kitties on them. I'm turning into a crazy cat lady!
    Happy 1 year!
  11. yes the aqua envelope is way too cute.
  12. Bon Anniversaire little blog!

    Much love in your time of need,
    Blue Skies
    Charlotte xx
  13. Bon Anniversaire EatDrinkChic. Saw your packaging feature on so very cool.
  14. Only one year? Seems like I have more that a years worth of wonderful ideas from your blog. Happy Birthday
  15. happy birthday EDC!
  16. Happy Birthday...I've enjoyed reading your posts, keep up the great work! :)
  17. congratulations. wishing you many more to come!
  18. Happy birthday! And yes, this is the cutest card ever indeed!

    Beautiful blog, by the way!

    Cheers from Buenos Aires!
  19. happy bday.... love your blog so much...
  20. How cute is that card?!
    Happy Blog birthday
  21. Happy belated blog anniversary!
  22. Ana | Jul 11, 2010
    Congratulations!! One of my favourite blog! Just keep the good work!

  23. your Gifted with talent Now you are proving that.
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