Organic Elderflower Pressé by Belvoir Fruit Farms | November 13, 2009

I think I've just found my new favourite beverage! I am totally smitten with this Elderflower Pressé by Belvoir Fruit Farms. It really has quite an unusual flavour and is bubbly and refreshing- perfect for a sunny summer afternoon. I don't even know what an Elderflower is, but I thank god for it.

And yes, the packaging is heavenly and quite possibly a contributing factor to my reverence for this product. I am now really keen to try the other flavours in the series. Melbournites- you can find these at The Essential Ingredient in Prahran Market.

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  1. I just bought a bottle of this the other day and we love it!
  2. It's something we always make ourselves but I guess it'd be nice with some bubbles!
  3. The label is gorgeous!
  4. I have been seriously addicted to this since they started selling it this summer at starbucks here in the UK! The supermarkets soon caught on too so now I cam buy a big bottle with my weekly shop :)I dont know if you have it over there but its also available in a cordial which you can mix with sparkling water which tastes exactly the same but uses less packaging and is more affordable. You get about 10pints from a 500ml bottle.
  5. Unfortunately, I don't think it's caught on in Australia yet. I've only seen it in small bottles and in gourmet food stores.
  6. This sounds great!
  7. I also recently discovered this in the supermarket in London. I love elderflower drink and the bottles are indeed looking marvelous. (The bottles look slightly different in London)
  8. hannah | Nov 15, 2009
    ooh, i'll have to try that.
    i buy elderflower cordial in coles/safeway drinks aisles. it's usually with the other cordials. i add a bit of cordial to soda water - yum!
  9. This is beautiful, it makes me feel better just for looking at it! xxx
  10. i love this stuff!!! i came across it a few months ago and took a sip and without knowing where it was made... immediately said "this is what england tastes like!" i'm not sure why or what that means, but i lived in devon for a while and if you want to experience the flavor of southern england... drink this wonderstuff!!!
  11. Oh that packaging is beautiful! Wonder if it's available anywhere in Sydney... will have to keep a look out!
  12. This sounds delicious! Elderberry bushes grow wild around here, I have a picture on my website of the flowers and berries. The picture on the bottle looks exactly like the flowers on the bush. Wonder if I could make this myself?
  13. Yes! I also just discovered this too cute bubbly beverage in the States - love it. Though your photography is so much better than mine :)
  14. oooh, have you tried St. Germain? I bet you'd like it! It's a French liquer made from elderflowers. It's exquisite - we add a shot of it to sparkling water or to champagne or prosecco for a really beautiful cocktail.
  15. Hi Sarah- WOW, that sounds amazing! I really want to try it :)
  16. oh wow! i'd just love to have one of those sitting on my desk for inspiration!

    St Germain's liquor!!! It's Elderflower liquor and it's AMAZING. I drank it all the time when I was living the dream in Manhattan.

    Best mixed in Champagne!

    Do try.
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