Organised Chaos | January 08, 2014

Just a random jumble of happy snaps to kick off the new year...

Organised Chaos- the state halfway between a complete mess and perfect order- is an acceptable place to reside... 

My 92 year old grandmother unexpectedly attended our Christmas family do. Still a twinkle in her eye...

Prep for a holiday 'Oh Happy Day' project shoot...

A rug for the wishlist. From Weylandts...

Christmas decorations for a family do at ours...

Organised Chaos...

A much needed post Xmas-day nap...

Tasty meal at the Weylandts Kitchen...

Organised Chaos...

Organised Chaos...

Our living room- still a work in progress...

Another event (Xmas) brings forth yet another Sundae Bar. Naturally...

Organised chaos. (Yes, I have a lot of stuff)...

Happy New Year! x

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  1. Wow, even your 'chaos' looks pretty!
  2. i love all the bright decorations! xo jillian - <a href="">cornflake dreams</a>
  3. Haha my friend use to call her room "organized mess" it's messy but she knows where everything is.
  4. Happy New Year! I love your organised chaos. I only have chaos, it's not organised...;)
  5. Kimmy Wilhelm | Jan 8, 2014
    Great pictures! Could you tell me what the breed of your dog is? Thanks!
  6. axana | Jan 8, 2014
    O gosh, you pictures are so amazing and beautifull! Look at that quality! Wich camera do you use?
  7. wow! I really want that rug from Weylandts! and also your litlle christmas setup on picture #5 - lovely! Happy New Year Amy!
  8. Hey Kimmy! Our dog is a Bull Mastiff cross- we're not sure what she's crossed with!

    Hi Axana! I actually used my iPhone for most of these pics, except the one of my grandmother where I used a Canon EOS7D. I then edited the pics using the VSCO CAM app.
  9. Your pictures always make me so happy :D absolutely love the one of your grandma!
  10. love your blog so much!
    these photos are so inspiring!
    great living room btw!
  11. So beautiful ! ?
  12. Ohmigawd, you living room is so dreamy! I would feel so inspired in a space like that.
  13. So many beautiful colours Amy!
    Your home is such an inspiring space :)

    Keep it up

  14. I absolutely love everything about this. Xo
    Zie darling
  15. Your organised chaos is so...organised! Love this stack of photos. Has so mush colour and good mood!
  16. So fun and bright! Can you tell me where the cute cloud hanger is from?
  17. Jasmeen | Jan 13, 2014
    Hi there,
    Love your blog - where abouts is that cart from? Its fantastic
  18. I love these pictures!!! There is so much inspiration here. :)
  19. I love your blog it's really very cute and impressive too. Your organisational ideas are superb I like the sundae bar and that's good for all year party decor. Great photos....keep sharing.
  20. I absolutely love your blog!!

    I was just wondering if you could please check out my blogspot at

    my dream is for my blogspot to one day be as fabulous as yours!

    lots of love,

    Hannah xx
  21. that geometrical confetti is FABULOUS!
  22. Me ha encantado tu blog, mejor dicho, me he enamorado de tu blog, que blog tan bonito y colorido, me encanta!
  23. I genuinely think the picture of your grandmother might be the best picture I have ever seen in a blog post. Well done all round! x
  24. Really like the one of your grandma! I have taken similar pics of my grandma so it really made me smile :)
  25. jess | Dec 3, 2014
    Hey Amy! I saw one of your images on Pinterest and ended up on this link, scrolled down and realised you had a photo of the Polaroid I took of you two at the Etsy pop-up launch last year!!! What a nice surprise :) I love how it's sitting in the glass - very innovative! hehe Anyways, wishing you a very merry Chrissy (I know it's early but it's December so I can sneak it in).

    Jess x
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  27. Looks good! I really like it! I think that I would like to have some things like you have. Those prints on your walls looks so good.
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