Our Wedding featured in Wedding Style Guide Magazine!! | March 24, 2011

I'm incredibly thrilled to announce that our wedding is featured in the latest issue of Wedding Style Guide magazine!!

I retrieved my copy from the mail on Monday and eagerly flipped to the correct page. I was elated to find that the feature was nothing short of perfect! Superb layout, beautiful words...  I couldn't ask for a better souvenir of our special day!

Wedding Style Guide consistently boasts the most beautiful spreads brimming with inspiring colour and innovative style ideas. I was so honoured to be a part of this spectacular Autumn issue amidst so many other gorgeous weddings!

For those interested in purchasing a print or digital copy of the magazine, go here.

You must check out the gorgeous Lookbook which will give you a taste of some of the great style ideas presented in the Autumn issue.

Once again I'd like to say thanks to all the talented vendors and family members who helped in the production of our special day. Special thanks to Jonathan Ong for his stunning photography. We never would have been featured in such a beautiful magazine without his incredible talent!

Almost an entire year has gone by since our wedding day. This is such a wonderful gift for our first anniversary!

The sweet folks at WSG were kind enough to include a photo of my Nan in the feature- it was a lovely touch. She passed away, unexpectedly, only a few short months after the event and I was so thankful that she was there to celebrate with us on the day.

Finally, for those who missed it, you can check out all the photos, story and styling of my wedding in my own account.

Thanks Wedding Style Guide! xo

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  1. wow, that's great news! however, that's not surprising...your wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous. they look straight out of a magazine already :)
  2. I tell all of my friends about how adorable, beautiful and clever your wedding was. I would love to have that same intimate setting and beautiful decorations! I am so happy for you!!
  3. Congratulations!!! Your wedding was gorgeous and I'm sure the readers of these mag will certainly agree. I hope you and hubs have a wonderful toast over this momentous occasion!
  4. How special. Your wedding looks like you had an amazing time. Definitely worthy of sharing!
  5. Since you're a blog that does weddings... I thought you might endorse this. A few friends of mine from college are engaged and they are doing this competition to get a free honeymoon. They are super sweet and tight on cash. The contest ends Friday at 5:00 PM. You can vote for them here: http://libertytravel.strutta.com/entry/100372 Our school is trying to get them in the #1 spot. It would be awesome if you could re-post this on your blog. THIS IS NOT SPAM. This is a real person typing this!!
  6. That is wonderful!!!!! I love the whole concept and everything about what you and yours did.
  7. Wow it's a beautiful news!!!
    Congrats again for your wedding, i write a comment in the post about it and i'm rally, agian happy to know that today you are on a magazine!!
  8. SO exciting ... congrats!
  9. Lynda | Mar 25, 2011
    Paper is the traditional gift for 1st Anniversary. How appropriate that you have a magazine spread!
  10. Such beautiful wedding photos. Congratulations on the spread!!
  11. Congrats! I love WSG.
  12. so well deserved and what another special memory from your wedding day to cherish!!!
  13. Congrats! That's so incredible and the layout looks fantastic!
  14. aw, you guys look so very gorgeous and it looks like such a happy day!! I am planning our wedding and you have so inspired me :)


  15. stunning photos! and beautiful wedding!remember reading about it when you blogged about it, so wonderful to see it featured!well done xxx
  16. Congrats! That is a wonderful souvenir.
  17. How excited, congrats! Your wedding looks beautiful, so many unique and charming ideas! (Makes me want to have a wedding re-do)!
  18. Congratulations! It looks like they did justice to what was a beautiful and unique wedding. And I love that they included that wonderful picture of your happy, smiling Nan - what a great way for her to be remembered!
  19. Gorgeous, congrats!! You definitely deserved it - I was amazed by your wedding!! xo
  20. how exciting! congratulations!!!

    your wedding was so beautiful, and jonathan ong's photography was fantastic :]
  21. wow. wow. the pictures of your wedding are spectacular! Love the styling and the colour and most importantly, how happy each of the photos are... congrats
  22. wow! that's quite amazing... and the pics are beautiful!

    agnes /iiiinspired
  23. I bought this because you were in it!!! haha
  24. Hi Amy, such lovely words! Thank so you much for such a lovely post. Your wedding was gorgeous and we were thrilled to be able to feature it. Happy 1st anniversary! WSG x
  25. Beautiful wedding and gorgeous editorial photos! I just stumbled upon your blog this week & I LOVE it!!!
  26. Many congratulations! Great article and great work. You should be really proud and clearly capture special memories for customers that they'll love to look back on in years to come..
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