Out and About... | August 20, 2013

If you're crazy about bright colour (with a touch of quirk), you may enjoy these happy-vibe accessories I've rounded up for you! :)

I'm ready for winter to be over now, thank-you.

keyring + clutch (via) | notebook | earrings | pen | scissors (via) | rings (via) | sunnies | phone case | outfit

posted under: Fashion, Jewellery, On the Town, Stationery, Tech Accessories, Travel


  1. That sunglasses looks like perfection!

  2. That key ring is adorable - thinking i may need one!
  3. Whoa! Those scissors are the best!
  4. Love these accessories!
  5. I love the iphone case!
  6. Stylish set of clothes! Very popular this year
  7. d56
  8. Everything is just awesome.The top,the case,everything.This post made me to change the settings of my wardrobe.
  9. xde
  10. vfe
  11. vre
  12. xxs
  13. cds
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  16. I like these happy-vibe accessories very much. I fall in love with Glasses.
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