Out and About... | August 20, 2013

If you're crazy about bright colour (with a touch of quirk), you may enjoy these happy-vibe accessories I've rounded up for you! :)

I'm ready for winter to be over now, thank-you.

keyring + clutch (via) | notebook | earrings | pen | scissors (via) | rings (via) | sunnies | phone case | outfit

posted under: Fashion, Jewellery, On the Town, Stationery, Tech Accessories, Travel


  1. That sunglasses looks like perfection!

  2. That key ring is adorable - thinking i may need one!
  3. Whoa! Those scissors are the best!
  4. Love these accessories!
  5. I love the iphone case!
  6. Stylish set of clothes! Very popular this year
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  8. Everything is just awesome.The top,the case,everything.This post made me to change the settings of my wardrobe.
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  34. 6 Years, and colors are back :-)
  35. These earrings are fabulous! Thank you
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