Outerlands | February 09, 2010

Described as being "a gathering place for sea goers who seek warmth", San Francisco's Outerlands looks like the ideal cafe for a cosy brunch with comforting, homey fare. Great name too! If only I lived in SF.

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  1. mmm yummy! Looks so cozy too.
  2. going on my list of places to eat in SF! gorgeous photos - thanks for posting! :)
  3. I just bookmarked it. I have 3 SF trip planned this year and even though we usually stay closer to the water I think we'll have to venture over there.
  4. Beautiful photos! so did you take them? I'm new to your site and am just trying to understand what I'm looking at.
  5. I just love these photographs, the eggs look so divine, I really enjoy your blog, keep up the great work
  6. That bread looks unreal! Perfect loaves. I wish i knew about this place on my last visit to SF. I guess I will have to add it on the list for next time. Thanks for sharing.
  7. thank you thank you. i am going here. soon. this week if possible.
  8. ivy | Feb 17, 2010
    I tried this place out this weekend thanks to you. It was packed! It's kinda in my neighborhood which was a pleasant surprise because places like this don't usually exist in our part of the city. Quick review: The fresh baked sourdough bread is really yummy as were the eggs in jail. The eggs literally had some of the most beautiful yolks I had ever seen. My bacon was a bit too fatty for my taste, though and the sweet dutch pancake with apples was a little dry. The pancake itself wasn't dry, but eating a pancake without something like butter, cream or some sort of sauce can be tough to do. I would suggest asking for syrup with it. That said, I will definitely be going back. The interior is just beautiful and cozy, the espresso is top notch and the people are great. Oh and the prices are perfectly reasonable.
  9. After seeing your post, we went there last week and loved it! Thank you so much for sharing!
  10. i so want to hang out here.. so pretty. all those beautiful greys and fresh baked goods.. ummm bring on a coffee and a good book and then i'd never leave!
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