Party Time | April 16, 2013

Don't these images put you in a party mood?

Top left: Loving these fashion editorial pics for the latest issue of Rue Magazine. (Photography by Lara Rossignol. Fashion styling by Kate Riney for Aim Artists. Props created and styled by Jess Hammer.)

Top right: The most adorable photo of a dog I have ever seen! ( via Creature Comforts )

Bottom left: Bonbon Balloons- these are simply awesome.

Bottom right: Neon fabric bonbons by Wholehearted Studio- A lovely blog, by the way.

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  1. Yeaaah!!The doggy is cute indeed!And the colors around these photos are so optimistic!
  2. That cute dog is just adorable!!! Love the pink colors, it's all so pretty and feminine. :)
  3. Um, love those balloons! New take on the Confetti System, refreshing
  4. Great post! That dog is just the CUTEST!
  5. the dog ! sooooo amazing! but yes, as well the other ones really got me into party mood * all the best
  6. this collage is too cute, that shade of pink is making me want to put it everywhere... in my house, on my daughter and even on my cheeks. it's such a fun shade of pink!
  7. It puts me in a cillaxe-party-mood. really nice pictures.

  8. The photo of the dog is so precious!
  9. Never seen so Good one
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  19. Yes, it does! That Bonbon Balloons with confetti! I need it for my party! Thank you for sharing!
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