Party Mix... | September 10, 2013

This pastel-toned Party Mix came about when I stumbled upon Kelly Wearstler's bar accessories. Yes, they are a tad pricey...  but they are gorgeous! Particularly her Rose Quartz Wine Stopper and Bejewelled Brass Bottle Opener. Ooer! Would some one like to buy these for me? 

Also, have you seen Jonathan Adler's latest fall collection? Worth a peek.

confetti | chair | cupcake liners | coaster | boxes | glitter hearts | lolly bag | stopper | bottle opener

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  1. Tutto splendido!
    Complimenti per il tuo blog, è davvero pieno di idee creative!
  2. I love these party mixes. I think they're fast becoming one of my favourite things. I'm off to check out that confetti now x
  3. How gorgeous?! especially those cupcake liners and boxes <3
  4. I have not seen his new fall collection, but taking a peek now. Let's talk about how cute those cupcake liners 'em.

    xx Alecia with
  5. I want it all! The colors... I die! xo
  6. Wow, all of these things are just adorable!
  7. I love this post so much--I want everything! Currently obsessed with all things gold, so this is right up my alley.
  8. Meg | Sep 19, 2013
    The wine stopper is so chic!
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