Party Mix... | August 14, 2013

You've probably already deduced that my inspiration for this Party Mix is The Great Gatsby. I only just saw the movie recently and so my thoughts are flush with lavish and decadent soirees dripping with gilded decor, art deco motifs and free flowing confetti and cocktails...

balloon | card | pinata | tag | dress | cushion | stopper | champagne bucket | book | iphone | table

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  1. Party time ! :)
    Lovely article !
  2. I loved this film. All this sparkle makes me want to see it again.
  3. We should have an online decadent party!
  4. Ok that pinata is awesome! I want to hang it my room as a piece of art - so fun!
  5. ok... awesome party layout!! Love.
  7. Gatsby!! Love the music soundtrack, your blog always makes me want to throw a fun little tea party with loads of sparkles and cupcakes.
  8. Oh I love this! How amazing is Great Gatsby? Baz Luhrmann has such an amazing style. The balloon has to be my favourite x
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