Party Mix... | July 26, 2013

It's Friday so I'm guessing everyone's in a pretty festive mood right? ;-)

Have a happy weekend peeps! 

straws | balloon | flag | salad servers | tassle | popsicle studs | napkins | button | card

posted under: Fashion, Home Décor, Kids, Parties, Party Mix, Stationery, Tableware


  1. Whoa! Glittery salad servers--I'm all in! Awesome finds!
  2. Gorgeous picks! Love the balloon and card.
  3. You always find the best things! Those popsicle studs are too cute!
  4. Awesome staff!!)) Nice post!
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  6. This is SO incredibly awesome. I can't even say I have a favorite, I love them all. Xx thanks for sharing.
    -Lauren M
  7. I love the studs. Never enough ice cream :-)
  8. Love this collection of product..! So fun, playful & festive.

    The colour dipped balloon, the glitter cutlery, the card... everything is amazing, I love it all!

  9. The popsicle studs are soooo cute!!
  10. LOVING the salad servers. I cannot possibly come up with one good reason as to why I shouldn't buy them!
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  14. Party Mix? Well, you got a good idea, sist! I think maybe you can add some flower or happy mask for party too :)
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