Pie Bird Press | June 07, 2011

Cute card designs from PIe Bird Press

{ via Papercrave }

posted under: Illustration, Stationery


  1. Lovely!
  2. Love the bright oranges and reds! It reminds me of a bright, sherbet orange dress I saw yesterday....color is one of the best things about summer!
  3. very sweet!
  4. Really adorable; I love the pig!
  5. These card designs are fabulous, especially the candy apple!

    By the way, this week I'm having a giveaway of note cards of one of my illustrations at My Fashion Dolly Blog.

    If you're interested please stop by:

    Have a lovely day!
  6. I love these, they are so cute!!
  7. I love these!!! They're adorable :)

    Belly B
  8. UM you really cannot go wrong with mustard. ESPECIALLY dijon!

    And the candy apple practically looks real! These are awesome.
  9. cute is not a big enough word for these!
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