Rainbow of Burnt Colours | September 17, 2009

Burnt Colours

I'm loving the rainbow of burnt colour tones used in these items...

ONE: Illustration by Cosas Minimas

TWO: Nordstrom BP juniors department branding by Zeus Jones

THREE: Small, coloured beakers by Rachel Foxwell Ceramics. Available here

posted under: Colour Inspiration, Home Décor, Illustration


  1. Hi Amy !
    I love your blog very much and I talked about it and you on my french blog : http://86andco.blogspot.com/2009/09/mes-10-coups-de-coeur-de-rentree.html
  2. Hi Lo- Thanks for the link on your site and for your kind words- always appreciated! Although, google translator doesn't do a very good job of translating properly- I think I kind of get the gist :) Cheers, Amy.
  3. Nice to be here and see your post !
  4. Nice to share Thanks for sharing
    lovely colour
  5. i like to look that colour.
  6. good choosing colour
  7. we can happy with our family
  8. Great Post
  9. My child always doing coloring pages and some times they makes crafts.
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