Random Lovelies.. | June 21, 2013

I haven't tackled one of these posts in awhile.... you know, the random mish-mash of details from our home. So I figured it was probably time :)

Firstly, my obsession with bowls has gone a tad out of control. What you see above, is not the complete collection, mind you. They're just so dang pretty. I can't resist.

I just need to find a creative way to display them all.

My latest weakness, however, is for pot plants. A growing collection currently inhabits the top of our bar.

Ok, let's face it, this is merely an excuse to collect interesting planters and feed my insatiable hunger for pretty ceramics. Shh... don't tell anyone.

I went to The Collectors Corner at Gardenworld earlier this week with the intention of buying an airplant. I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer variety. Who knew? I waded through hundreds of succulents, cacti and airplants and eventually (whilst on the brink of a head explosion) settled on the succulent below and the prettiest airplant I could find (far right on the bar).

Gardenworld is a plant-lovers paradise. For a mere dabbler, such as myself, it can be a tad overwhelming but still very much worth the visit!

And in other random lovelies...

Saturday lunch. Boiled eggs, spring onion, Simon Johnson mayo, spelt toast. Yum.

Oh, and my gift tag obsession continues... This time I'm using images from an old Ted Baker catalogue.

And it just wouldn't be right to not include a little 'Sukie' in here...

It's funny, the unique vernacular that starts to develop within a household. For example, Sukie takes meds each morning. To make these more palatable, we thickly envelop them in peanut butter. Mark has nicknamed her meds "Scooby Snacks". The mere mention of those words and Sukie becomes a frantic mess. Probably because he also lets her lick the spoon when she's finished!

Sukie, like most dogs, understands the word 'Walk'. So, to avoid any premature paw stamping, circular jumping, and tail wag action,  Mark has started to get creative when discussing the activity. Each time, he uses different code words. It started with "Are you ready to monkey the monkey?" but, in recent times, I'm pretty sure I caught him saying "You ready to hand-crochet the alabaster?". Go figure.

Do you remember when I bought this lovely print by Mia Oatley? I forgot to mention that I got it framed. Wowsers. How is it that the framing is about a zillion times more expensive than the artwork itself? Looks pretty though. I have yet to decide where to hang it...

And that's all the news! If you like this kinda jazz, visit Sundayland.

Happy Friday everybody! :)

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  1. I saw these during the week in a store in Bendigo and thought your bar might also enjoy them ;) http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/28045011.jsp
  2. My food prop bowls/utensils are getting out of control too. I love the array you've got going on.
  3. Lovely post. I love how you covered everything from food -t ot crafting - to your pup!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Amy, those bowls are spectacular! I actually made a loud "OHHH!" sound when the feed popped into my inbox just now. (My work colleague wanted to know what was wrong!) I want them I want them, hahaha!

    By the way, just this morning, I used your Bon appétit gift tags for end of the school year gifts. I'll post about it soon on my blog and will link back to you! They were so darling and completed well my painted bamboo cutlery. (Plus I am French and so were the teachers/caregivers in question . Très à propos!)

    Have an awesome weekend!

  5. Love, love, love, love, love the bowls. They are. so. pretty. :)
  6. that saturday lunch looks amazing. thanks for sharing!
  7. leanne | Jun 24, 2013
    that was an especially lovely peek into your life amy - thanks!!

    i totally get what you're putting down re the bowls! all my crokery is white. except i have a lot of bowls that are not white! what's that about?!

    and, of course, aww to sukie xx
  8. Hi all, thanks for the sweet comments!

    Lyndsay- Yes! I've been seeing those cute pots around also and have been wondering whether to get one!
  9. I should have take my parents "dipping bowls" in picture but they just moved :-( They also so the collection and the comes from all over the world (they travel a lot). Nice dog too :-)
  10. I have a problem collecting mugs and notebooks. There always seems to be an endless supply of pretty ones that need to be purchased and stashed
  11. Hello Sukie! x
  12. Hi Amy!

    I always enjoy reading your every post a lot! From now i am a die fan of your eat and drink blog!

    Thanks for the informative post!

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